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The Irish University Business School (IUBS) has been known for the high percentage of graduates obtaining professional qualifications and designations awarded by reputed British professional bodies through panel and project assessments, which means career future. Irish University Business Scool aims always at helping adult learners by provide various particial, flexible and customerized course design and study path to those who have different learning needs and strive for industry excellence and career development.

The Irish University Business School ( was registered in Dublin, Ireland in 1995. It has a legal entitlement as a university and to issue degrees according to Irish Common Laws. IUBS is recognised by many universities and professional bodies in UK, Europe, Asia, America and Central America. As Asian countries are one of the fastest developing region in the world, the university has been establishing IUBS Asian Centre for strengthening its development in the region. Further college and university establishments and developments are expected in the coming future.


The university is also a member of United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) and Association of International Administrators (AIEA).

Professional Recognitions:


Professional memberships usually carry much better value than academic degrees for career development. It is one of our features that students completing our degree programs will be recommended for memberships from the mentioned chartered and prestigious associations: vocational degrees with high professional values.


Chartered Institute of Corporate Treasurers


Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers


Chartered Institute of Sales and Marketing


Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Nigeria


Institute of Professional Financial Managers


Consortium of Professional Awarding Bodies


Institute of Public Sector Management, UK

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